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Phoenix ACRC established with clear foresight of becoming best leader in its core business of Air- Conditioning Contracting on the strength of its Valued Customers/ Client base by providing best service to its customers our aim is to provide excellence after sales service in order to keep our valued customers satisfied all the time

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American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers


Chartered Institute of Building Service Engineers


Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Associations


Australian Institue of Refegeration Air COnditioning and Heating


British Standard Institute


German Institute for Standardization - Deutsches Institut for Normung


American National Standards Insittute


American Socity for Testing and Materials


Hourly Analysis Program

Our Services

Contract for supply and installation of various HVAC systems. Such as central systems and discrete systems
1.District cooling systems
2.Chilled water Central A/C systems
3.Package units air conditioning systems
4.Ducted split Central A/C systems
5.Decorative units and window type unit
contract for the supply and installation of ventilation systems for buildings
1.Ventilation works
2.Fresh Air Systems
3.Exhaust and extract systems
4.Air curtains
5.Isolation Systems
6.Air Pressurization Systems
7.Automatic Control Systems
8.Noise Vibration Control Systems
9.Smoke Control Systems
10.Variable Air volume Systems
We have dedicated air conditioning repair teams that are specialists in the assessing and repairing both split and ducted air conditioning systems
It includes the preparation and study of the projects and the calculation of thermal loads for buildings using the latest software competent in this area and based on the latest global international standards
Preparation and implementation of shop drawings for projects and funds equipment and agenda items of the air-conditioning of the competent authorities and supervision of the implementation and coordination with all other services in the project and Contractors advisory body to resolve all conflicts in a different business

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Placing our customers at the heart of our service makes a positive difference to how we continuously improve and deliver a high standard of customer satisfaction